Our Future

Our Future - Church Planting

Church Planting

Veritas Ministries hopes to add more churches in every part of the world we influence.  We are ready to launch in both northern and southern India, Central America, and locations in sub-Saharan Africa. The number of churches we actually establish is in God’s hands: “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps,” Proverbs 16:9.  He directs us to what we believe is a very attainable goal, to plant 60 new churches over the next two years. A philosophy we hold at Veritas Ministries is to dare to dream big when God is on our side. Dreaming God-sized dreams, we aspire to initiate 1,000 churches in the next five years, praying to reach the Middle East, Russia (and former republics), and further east into Asia. We can accomplish even this lofty goal with a budget of just over $2.4 million.  Every church teaches the Gospel to 500 souls who have not heard for only $4 each.

Our Future - Orphanage

Orphanage Work

Veritas Ministries nurtures our three orphanages in southern Africa and India, but we want to answer the need to open more in other regions.  Veritas orphanages house 50 children for a mere $50 each month.  This small sum covers the children’s food, housing, and even an education for success.  Most importantly, we ground these little ones in the Word of God.  How many orphanages we can provide is in the hands of God and the generosity of believers.

Our Future - Pastor Training

Pastor Training

Veritas Ministries is anxious to get working on our most aggressive education project:  ”If Christ did indeed give us the Great Commission our plans are not too big, they are too small.” Pat Morley. Systematic Theology, a text used at Belize Seminary and global pastors conferences, can educate pastors of churches around the world.  Our hope is to translate our theology book into a number of languages and give 100,000 pastors a copy.  Each textbook can be produced and delivered to pastors who can reach over 50,000,000 people for $7.50.