Ministry of Service

Humanitarian Efforts - Orphanage

At Veritas Ministries, we share a passion to be an example of Christ in the flesh to those who don’t know Him.  Jesus often served basic human needs before addressing eternal salvation.  Our focus is to share the Good News, but sometimes we can provide solutions essential to survival, giving credence to the Gospel we preach.  Providing a meal, water to drink, a place to live, or even clothes to wear can help us reach a soul who needs eternal salvation.

God often brings us opportunities to serve, and we try to meet the needs of people around us when we can.  The Lord provided for us to help our Caribbean churches recover from hurricanes, and churches around the world from tsunami and earthquake disasters with food and clothing drives. Villages in Zimbabwe and Ecuador enjoy life-changing fresh water from wells Veritas Ministries was honored to dig.

Orphanages and Schools

Humanitarian Efforts - OrphanageHumanitarian Efforts - Orphanage

Hurricane and Tsunami Relief

Humanitarian Efforts - Huricaine Relief

Digging Water Wells

Humanitarian Efforts - Digging Water Wells